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My Hobbies

Birdwatching & feeding the birds so I can watch them easier. Listening to audiobooks. Playing with the furkids. Being a "soccer" mom.

about me and my birds

I have 3 teenagers, son age 17 and daughters ages 16 & 14. My son & husband gladly help with the mealworm farm since I do not want to touch the beetles. We have Worms! Mediums!

I have always liked dogs, cats, hamsters and pet birds. I prefer to adopt my pets from rescues. I have grown attached to ferrets in the last 5 years as well. Ferrets never outgrow that playful kitten/puppy stage and are forever young at heart and into mischief of some kind, like stealing socks and stashing them behind the chair!

I love playing games like Mahjong and lately Diner Dash.

I love feeding the birds and last summer was our first year for Bluebirds. They came to us and put up their first nest in an old woodpecker hole in a rotten branch on our tree. The second nest was in a bluebird house. The rotten tree branch fell down soon after the first babies fledged. The blues are wintering with us, all 9 of them!

This year we are hoping for Purple Martins. We put up our first Martin house last spring but had no takers. We left it up all thru fall and took it down at the end of Jan to clean it and get it back up. Hopefully we will get some move in this year!

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